Jacque Groves was born in Denver, Colorado and spent their childhood running feral, collecting talismen and creating curious concoctions. Originally trained in painting, they studied at the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy in 2007. In 2009 they graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts and Biological Sciences from Grinnell College and jumped into juggling both a  path centered around biology and engineering as well as their art career until 2013, when their creative curiosity beckoned. 

Despite shifting focus, their science background continues seep into their art practice. Creating pieces that emerge from experimenting with found natural materials, geologic visuals, and ecological research. Their work reflects geography in concrete ways, such as landloss due to climate change, but also in terms of navigating the more personal geographies. With their most current body of work considering the abstract nature of healing and loss as well as community and vulnerability.  






All images © Jacque Groves 2017